The One For All—Our Spark Is Your Spark!

We welcome, encourage and hope to see design from all parts of the world. Especially design that HELPS the world. Do your share—and share it with Spark. We’ll share it with the world.

Translated Spark information PDFs
Just click the link below to download the translated Spark Overview. (Please note: the general information in these paks is accurate. However the Japanese dates still reflect previous years. Please refer to the Deadlines & Fees tabs above for current 2022 info.)

Also, please note that Spark is conducted and judged in English. All submission materials and communications with Spark must be in English. The following translations are for convenience and guidance only.

2022 English Info-Pak by Peter Kuchnicki, Spark, New York
2022 German Info-Pak by Ronja Seifert, Berlin
2022 Chinese (Traditional) Info-Pak by Arin Lin, Taipei 
2022 Chinese (Simpified) Info-Pak by Arin Lin, Taipei
2022 Italian Info-Pak by Elena Raho, Here Fashion Hub, Hong Kong & Milan
2022 Dutch Info-Pak by Elena Raho, Here Fashion Hub, Hong Kong & Milan
2022 Korean Into-Pak, by Lisa An, Here Fashion Hub, Seoul, Hong Kong & Milan
2022 Spanish Info-Pak by Susana Fornies Untzurruntzaga, Tradutalde, Bilboa
2022 French Info-Pak, by Martine Jacquet, Tradutalde, Bilbao
2020 Japanese Info-Pak by Yamazaki Yasushi, Japan Design, Tokyo

Active Spark Countries—Is Your Country On The List Below? If Not, Join Us!

Andorra Albania Angola Argentina Australia Austria Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Brazil Canada Chile China Columbia Croatia Cyprus Denmark Ecuador Egypt Estonia France Georgia Germany Greece Guernsey Hong Kong Hungary India Indonesia Iran Ireland Israel Italy Japan Jordan Kenya Korea Lebanon Lithuania Macedonia Malaysia Malta Mexico Mongolia Morocco Namibia Nepal Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway Oman Panama Pakistan Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Romania Russia Saint Martin Saudi Arabia Scotland Serbia & Montenegro Singapore Slovenia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Turkey Uganda United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay Uzbekistan Venezuela Viet Nam Yugoslavia Zimbabwe