Welcome to the Spark-E Design Awards!

Spark-E awards any process, product, or service design that reduces negative environmental impacts. There are many examples including energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities. Spark pushes the horizons of Design. We think it’s worth exploring design in the context of climate remediation.

The “E” in Spark-E stands for all of the big E’s: Environment, Energy, Ecology. In this competition, we’re looking for the best examples of products, services and systems that combine great ideas with design thinking and methodologies. Of course, Spark believes in the benefits of a design-centric approach and looks for it in the judging process.

Designers, entrepreneurs and engineers of all specialties and disciplines are welcome to take part in this newest of Spark Awards. We are not strictly defining what you can enter into this competition. You can propose any solution and design that fits the Spark criteria of benefiting world sustainability. Check out our Criteria and let’s see your best work!

And Always Include the Essentials:
Project Objective
Project Results
Project Background

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