Transport & Mobility Entry Gallery

And we’re off! 2007 Launch Advert

The Spark Awards have had the privilege of hosting many interesting transportation designs since we launched in 2007. We were initially sponsored by Automobile Magazine and famed Editor, Jean Jennings. The jury that first year chose the concept Chevrolet Volt as a top level Spark Platinum Award. The new Call For Entry is now current and welcomes your latest designs!

2023 Winner, AYRO Vanish low-speed electric vehicle, ROBRADY Design

2022  Winner, Midnight eVTOL by Archer Aviation

2021 Plat Winner Polestar Precept–nice!














And here’s the Plat Winning 2020 Tesla Electric Cybertruck—what fun it is to Spark!

And then, up in the air goes a cool Elroy transporter:

The Exciting Yamaha 275 by Rob Brady—Looks Fast!

Here’s a sampling of other vehicles and devices that have Sparked over the years