Winners BoostCharger by Jochen Backs and Tesla Model 3 by Franz von Holzhausen 

Just Enter Your Best Work in Spark-E

Spark-E has a very open entry system, for every possible type of design with an emphasis on the Environment. Sometimes, a design may fit more than one area and are listed here so a designer feels that their work is appropriate and welcome. But don’t worry about choosing the “best” one when registering. Everything is judged on its merits. Designs are judged in the context of our Criteria. We can have any number of winners—or none, in any given area. All depends on the quality of the work, and the design sensibility of jury. That’s why we work hard to find tough, fair and collegial judges.

The nature of this award category is to propose designs with innovative technological and design solutions. There should also be good reasons and background about why solving the problem is significant and suits the Spark Mission. For products, it is always important to have good usability and well optimized solutions. The submission may include posters, images, documents and videos that describe the design problem, solving process and the final outcome. A demo video of actual testing model or validating process of the principles used for problem-solving is highly valued. No actual products or prototypes are shipped to Spark.

Spark-E Design may include, but is not limited to, the following projects and specialties:
Industrial & Consumer Products, Architecture, Systems & Processes, Communication, Concepts & Prototypes, Electrical, Electronics, Energy, Engineering, Health, Medical & Universal, Air, Water, Waste, Machinery, Materials, Production, Transport, Mobility & Aerospace, Urban Planning, CleanTech.

Here are some examples from the Spark Galleries.

And Always Include the Essentials:
Project Objective
Project Results
Project Background