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Platinum Winner “Z Lamp” by Shenzhen Explore Home Industrial Design

Concept Pro Design

Concept Pro is one of a series of exciting awards created to encourage great design and designers. We invite you to join the Spark Community and enter your best designs. Only working professionals or organizations may apply,  (Students now have their own competitions). So–for you Pros with a cool concept, prototype or heroic, un-produced project, come on in, join the fun!

Spark Concept Pro is for any discipline of design. This includes graphic design, product, user experience, motion, architecture, transport, interiors, medical and many others.

This competition continues Spark’s mission, criteria and categories. All Spark events are international in scope and accept entries from all designers, everywhere.

This award is judged along the same lines as other Spark disciplines—same Criteria, website and registration system. Concept Pro is entirely “virtual.” That is, it is entered and conducted online, over the Spark website. No designs are delivered to Spark. If your work passes the Phase 1 review (and your Finalist fee is paid), it will be included in Phase 2 and the live judging.

Send us a note at and—IMPORTANT—make sure to include: your name; your organization; the name of your design and your question. Now–Let’s See Your Stuff!

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