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Spark Transport & Mobility includes all modes of transportation, viewed through the perspective of the Spark Criteria. It includes concept, prototype and work in production. We have tried to create a very open entry system, for all Spark competitions, and every possible type of design. Thus, we have listed a large number. There actually are no rigid divisions—categories are listed so a designer feels that their work is appropriate and welcome. Designs are judged in the context of our Criteria.

Transport Design Examples

Mode Systems Propulsion
Vehicular Charging & Fueling Gas
Aviation Guidance Electric
Rail Telecom Diesel
Marine Toll & Payment Hybrid
People-Powered Sharing LP/Propane
Mass Transit Manufacturing Biofuel
Rapid Bus Autonomous Other
Personal Rapid Transit Sub-systems Engineering
Concepts Safety Infrastructure
Heavy Equipment Materials Urban Planning
Racing/Sports Accessories Integrated Solutions
Space Travel Human Interface Transit Stations
Multi-Modal Exteriors Bridge & Tunnel
Bicycles Interiors Street & Highway
Motorcycles Electronics Ports & Facilities


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