Spark Spaces Design Awards Headquarters

Welcome to Spark, Spaces Designers
Spark’s Annual Official Call For Entry is live. Come on in, join the fun!

Spark Spaces is focused on contemporary architecture, interiors, urban, universal and landscape design. This competition is for working professional architects and interior designers. (Student Design has its own competition.) Spark Spaces is for work that is either built, produced, created on spec or as part of a proposal, or is scheduled for production or construction. Entries may also be combinations of disciplines or categories, such as architecture plus interior design.

Spaces Design is judged along the same lines as other Spark disciplines—same Criteria, website and registration system. In Phase 1, Spark Spaces is entirely “virtual.” That is, it is entered, conducted and judged online. No materials, boards or designs are delivered to Spark. The Jury will see and judge from your online entry materials, images, videos or app and descriptions. A short video is now required. Pick your best shots!

It’s helpful to the jury for you to clearly define the building program. Are you submitting a public or private space, an office, restaurant, residence, retail, warehouse or manufacturing facility, interior or exterior? It’s also very helpful to show your work in context—its relationship with users, to the immediate environment, other structures, etc.

And Always Include the Essentials:
Project Objective
Project Results
Project Background

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