Spark Students

Welcome To Spark! We hope you’ll join our community, submit some hot, world-changing designs and do some serious Sparking. We are developing lots of new programs, working directly with many colleges and universities—and hope to work with yours. Please alert your  professors, deans and faculty about Spark Student Awards—we’ll set up a cooperation to make things easier.

Regarding your Spark entries for this semester, please note a few things—first, entry fees go up, the longer you wait to submit. So get online and get registered. Don’t worry, you can make changes to your submitted designs right up until the Finalist judging. Entries may be submitted from any time during the last 24 months of the student’s study (could be a piece from last year, for example).

Second point—before calling or emailing with a question, read everything in the Entry Types section of this website. You’ll usually find the answer there, and save us all the time and expense of a call.

Third Point: Entrants own the I.P. rights to the original work they submit to the Spark Awards competitions. Spark does not own original I.P. rights or works entered into the competitions.

Fourth Point: Spark has two entry periods for student work, timed for the Spring semester period and the Fall/Winter semesters. Choose whichever is the most convenient for you and your team.

Finally, for added fun, value and history—document your work process. Try every media, from taking careful notes, to Twits, Instagram, Pinterest and of course video. (It can also be helpful evidence in IP disputes.) And your mom will enjoy seeing you on YouTube!