Welcome to the Annual Spark Digital Design Awards!

This Award is focused on Digital Design—User Interface, Human Computer Interaction, IXO, GUI Design, Apps, Gaming, Motion, AI  and related fields. It is for working professional designers. (Student Design has its own competitions.) Spark Digital is for work that is either published, produced, created on spec or as part of a proposal, or is scheduled for production. All Spark events are international in scope and welcome entries from all designers, everywhere.

Spark Digital Jury
Every year the jury is new, gathered with the help of our Jury Chairs, Advisers and Community members. The Jurors come from across the spectrum of design disciplines, media, educators and experts.

Spark Entry Process
The Digital Competitions are judged along the same lines as other Spark events—same Criteria, Mission, website and registration system. They are multi-disciplinary and multi-level. They are two-phase competitions. The Spark Digital entry process is “virtual.” That is, it is entered and conducted online, over the Spark website. All entries are electronic and judging takes place entirely online. No materials, boards or designs are delivered to Spark.

If you are submitting a app, game or software, our judges must have free access to it, by a coupon code or other means that the entrant provides. To restate: entrants must provide Spark with free access to their entry. This could be by a variety of methods—an upload to their app store link, video link, images and descriptions. A website link and video is also highly recommended, if you have one. (Again, do not send us anything physical. All entries are virtual.)

And Always Include the Essentials:
Project Objective
Project Results
Project Background

It’s helpful to the judging process for you to define and identify the sub-category(s) for your entry. Please see the examples below. Point this out clearly at the beginning of your submission descriptions.

Click here for Digital Design examples and category sub-types