Organic Symphony, Wesley Liu, PplusP Designers, 2018 Platinum Winner

Interior Design & Architecture

Bringing efficiency and delight to living and working spaces—welcome to the world of Interiors! Whether by the art of interior design or the science of interior architecture, the spaces we can touch are the part of buildings that touch us in daily life. But our needs have evolved as the world becomes more populated, polluted and climate extreme. Old solutions don’t cut it now—needs have become necessities and demands for better solutions. Clients want designs that work on multiple levels, employing sustainable materials and the most modern building techniques.

This is what the Spark Awards are about. This is why we’re here—to encourage, promote and award the greatest of the great: new solutions to the problems of life on this planet. Is your work mission critical? Do you have the answers, the efficiencies and the elegance customers look for in the most modern interior design? Then it’s a Spark! Let’s see your work. Let the world see your solutions. The best stuff wins!  

Note: Try to show the physical context of your design— both in its environment and with users.

And Always Include the Essentials:
Project Objective
Project Results
Project Background

Song Mansion, Gold Winner, Hirsch Bedner and Associates

Interior Design Sub-Category Examples
Residential: Houses, Apartments, Flats, Working Spaces, Offices, Clubs, Recreation, Sports, Waterworks, Pools, Commercial Spaces, Convention Centers, Arenas, Cultural Space, Places Of Worship, Dining Spaces, Cafeterias, Restaurants, Entertainment: Cinemas, Sports, E-Games, Exhibits, Pavilions & Exhibitions, Hardware & Fittings, Hospitals & Medical Facilities, Hotel & Lodging, Kitchens & Bath, Lighting (Commercial & Residential),  Re-Builds, Re-use & Restoration (Showing Before & After) Schools & Campuses, Surfaces, Floors & Floor-coverings, Sustainable, Green Interiors, Transportation: Stations, Airports, Subways, Vehicle Interiors, Aircraft, Cars, Trains, Trucks, Universal Access Systems, Windows & Treatments.

A Scene of Woods by Sheng-Hsin Hsu, Sun-Life Interior Design, 2017 Platinum winner
350 Mission Street, Steven Sobel, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 2016 Platinum Winner
777 Boeing Premium Arch, TEAGUE, 2015 Gold Winner

Changi T4 Concept by Terrence Young, Gensler, 2014 Platinum Winner
Bal House, Terry & Terry Architecture, 2013 Gold Winner
Infinite Variety Quilt Exhibition by Thinc Design, 2012 Platinum Winner

Carlo Pazolini Retail Store, Giorgio Boruso Design, 2011 Gold Winner


California Academy of Sciences Exhibit, Volume, Inc., 2009  Gold winner

Katsuya Hollywood Dragon Lounge, Philipe Starck, 2008  Gold Winner