Top 10 Tips

Top 10 Tips For Successful Spark Entries

1. Create a design solution that is unique, that stands out from previous solutions. Look at examples of past winners in the Spark Galleries. This will give you context and help you create something even better

2. Judges look for designs that adhere to the Spark Criteria. Spark values modern design that enhances the quality of life

3. Write descriptions (in English) that tell the reasons for your new approach in simple, “non-salesy” text. Do not make this a marketing exercise

4. Write a description of user benefits versus design features. Describe the problem your design solves and why the world needs it

5. Use plenty of good high-resolution images of your design. Spark accepts 10 images, at up to 1 MB each. You may also have a photo of your designers as the final image

6. Make sure to add a YouTube video. Again, make it a factual description of your design’s merits, applicability and cognizance of our Criteria. It should be around 2 minutes in length, descriptive and not promotional

7. Get people outside your design team to critique your project. Advisors, teachers, customers–even mom can help bring fresh perspective to the design

8. Judges look for good presentation as well as the idea. Great ideas that are poorly executed, sloppy, with mistakes or wrong spelling are not winners

9. We no longer need physical samples of anything. Just put your efforts in great up-loadable media

10. is the source and means for all things Spark. Read it. Use it. Win with it!

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