Spark: The One For All—All Design, All Designers

Spark welcomes all types and disciplines of Design. We have 11 major design categories. Within those you’ll find many sub-categories. If you are not sure which category your work belongs in, drop us a note via our contact page—we’re happy to help. Here’s a sample question:

“Hi Spark–
Can we put multiple entries in the same category?”
Yes, no problem. We often have—and welcome multiple entries in the same category. Check out the Dell entries for example, in the Product and Packaging categories.

It’s helpful to the judging process for you to clearly identify the sub-category(s) for your entry. Please see the examples below. Point this out clearly at the beginning of your submission descriptions.

If you feel that your design would be applicable in more than one category, Spark offers a 33% discount for each subsequent entry of the same design. For example, an electric car submission to Spark-E might also be great in Spark Transport. If you would like to take advantage of this discount, email Spark and we’ll provide you with a discount coupon code. (Note that this discount is only applicable to additional entries of the same design in a new category(s)– the primary submission is at full price.) (Not applicable to Student Design.)

And Always Include the Essentials:
Project Objective
Project Results
Project Background

Pro Categories

Graphic Design: Identity, logos, print & publishing, branding, advertising, marcom, collateral, outdoor & direct mail, wayfinding, informational kiosks & terminals, infographics
Health, Medical & Universal Design: For all medical & health-related devices, systems, infrastructure and facilities
Product Design: Leisure, sports, health & outdoor recreation, industrial & consumer tools & equipment, general consumer goods & appliances, electronics, kitchen & bath, engineering design, wearables, textiles, wall & floor coverings
Spaces Design:
Buildings, public architecture, interior design & architecture, living spaces, community planning & design, structural engineering, public or private space, an office, restaurant, residence, retail, warehouse or manufacturing facility, interior or exterior
Transport & Mobility Design: Vehicles: cars, trucks, motorcycles, e-bikes, bicycles, autonomous, interiors, Aviation: aircraft, aircraft interiors, accessories; marine, space, mass transit
Concept Pro: For professional designers in all disciplines
Experience & Service Design:
For Professional Designers In All Disciplines
Digital Design:
UX, UI, IXO & HCII, web, interactive apps, programs & software, games, motion, broadcast, film & video, virtual reality
Packaging Design: For professional designers in all disciplines
Spark-E Design: Environmental solutions by professional designers in all disciplines

Student Categories

Spring Semester For student designers in all disciplines
Fall/Winter Semester For student designers in all disciplines