Entry Fees

The Spark Design Awards have three pricing tiers, depending on the award category. Click on the categories below to see their current fee levels.
Student Design


Notes on Fees
The entry fees are established by the price list in effect at the time of registration. Entrant’s payment, fully completed registration form, the design and supporting documents must be received by the competition’s published closing date. This requirement is for Phase 1 registration fees and if certified, Phase 2 Finalist fees. Entry fees may change without notice. However, entrants who have registered and paid their fee are guaranteed entry at their original fee.

This is a two-stage competition process. The first stage will entail an online entry submission of a fee, photo’s, video and descriptions of the design entry. For the second stage, entries that pass administrative review (are certified) will pay a Phase 2 “Finalist Fee” to enter the second competition stage and be judged by the live Spark Juries. These Juries choose the ultimate Spark Award Winners. Note to educators and students: all student design must be entered in either the Spring or the Fall Student competitions. They include all design discipline categories, such as product design and graphics.

Additional fee items below are completely optional and not required for an entry. (For Pro entries only. No Students, sorry!) If you are interested in any of these packages, you can check off the option during your normal entry process, or anytime thereafter.

Optional Entry Packages (Click for details)

Printed Finalist & Winner Certificates – $80 (plus shipping: International- $40; USA- $15)
Value-added Package – $1,250
Winner’s Circle Package – $1,500
(Winners only)

Basic Entry Fee Includes: Administrative review (qualifies Finalists) and live Jury review of Finalists (upon payment of Finalist fee); Website Entrant Gallery Page (for remainder of current competition year); Spark Celebration Passes (if scheduled, depending on pandemic). Finalists also receive a Finalist Certificate (PDF) and logo-badge upon request.

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