Spark Certificates

Spark Entrants, Finalists (Shortlist) and Winners—

Spark produces customized certificates, with design name, designers, organization and category—exclusively for Spark Entrants, Winners and Shortlisted Finalists. They are a great gift for your clients, design team, professors—or to yourself for a job well done!

These are available for any year of Spark, from our beginning in 2007 to present. There’s production and shipping charges for the printed gold foil version—however, a free pdf version can be found and downloaded from the Entrant’s gallery page.

So, if you’d like to purchase one or more foil certificates, please let us know by email. Send a note via our Contact Form, with the information requested below.

The gold-foil Spark Certificate is a paper certificate. It is customized to the winner and available in any quantity. They are US$100 each, plus shipping/handling, which depends on distance, beginning at $20 to USA, $100 International. Usually multiple certificates can be shipped with one shipping charge. All certificate charges must be paid for in advance of production. Payment will be by Paypal or bank wire (with their usual small service charge).

Lamination is available at extra charge, upon request. (Lamination is recommended for extended durability.)

If you are interested, please confirm the information below, via the Spark Contact Form. Spark will followup with payment details.

Required Information

  1. Design Name
  2. Designer(s) name(s) (Not many, because space is limited—about 120 characters max)
  3. A few additional persons if any (Professors, Clients, Mom!) Remember, space is limited (30 characters max)
  4. Official submission level (Participant, Shortlisted Finalist, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum)
  5. Name of the award category (current or past, including: Product, Graphics, Spaces, Transport, Package, Experience, Student, Health, Spark-E and Digital)
  6. How many certificates do you want?
  7. Contact person (who we should ship to)
  8. Contact phone or mobile
  9. Email address (not Naver, Nate or Hanmail—they won’t work. Use Google or Hotmail)
  10. Shipping method: least expensive or express (costs more)
  11. Company or organization we will ship to (if any)
  12. Shipping address (must be exact, including postal code!)
  13. Competition Year (that you were an entrant, Finalist or Winner)
  14. Design firm, company, department, school or organization to be printed on the certificate (if any)
  15. Lamination service is available and recommended at US$30 additional each