Mark Davis, Founder & Principal, MD Design, San Francisco

Mark Davis Design is a consultancy specializing in human-centered product design, from architecture to entertainment. Mark is a multi-disciplinary design leader, technologist and expert in user experience, generative design and artificial intelligence. As Senior Director at Autodesk, Mark led groundbreaking research collaborations with customers into new approaches to apply machine learning to the AEC, Automotive, Aerospace and Entertainment industries. He spearheaded the ‘Industrialized Construction Moonshot’ aimed at creating affordable, sustainable housing with Factory OS in Vallejo, California. In 2023, Mark and his team collaborated with Meta in Media & Entertainment to introduce a new way for content creators to direct character animation while immersed in XR. A few standout past projects include collaborating with Philippe Starck on generatively designed furniture, developing a physical prototype of a deep space lander with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, and generative components for motorsports with Mercedes Grand Prix.

Mark holds a degree in Architectural Engineering from the University of Nevada and is active working with start-ups, mentoring design students and engaging with other design organizations.

(Mark was also a key designer on the Palm Treo team, predecessor of the smartphone–PK)