Jury Criteria

The Spark Awards have two major guiding criteria

1. Does the design Spark? Break new ground? Is it a new idea? Creation or refinement? Does it communicate well? Are the graphics clear and compelling? Does it pop?

2. Does it improve the quality of life? Contribute to understanding, efficiency, joy, longevity, progress? Does it sustain or conserve our Earth’s limited resources?

Then it’s a Spark. Now the fun begins!

The criteria for excellence are similar for all the Spark competitions—and are based on the Spark core vision—designing our future. Spark’s mission is to initiate positive design-led change, by highlighting the best new ideas and the best new solutions. Sparks are big ideas embodied as great designs.

The submitted designs are evaluated by expert and independent judges from design and related fields. Their knowledge and experience are the ultimate arbiters of the Spark Awards. The criteria reflect the key factors that they take into consideration. The judges look for these big ideas when they make their choices.

The Spark Design Awards—where modern sensibilities and your priorities are aligned.