Terri Winter, Founder & Curator, top3 by design

Terri is the co-founder, buyer and creative force behind top3 by design. Entering its 19th Year, top3 is a concept born in Australia and unique to the world, top3 is about editing options, not limiting choice – reducing the excess that falls outside the top3 parameters of sustainability, quality, innovation and style.

Terri believes in fostering design, not stealing it, so all top3 products are 100% authentic. Since it’s inception 18 years ago, Top3 has since continued to evolve with a vision of sourcing only the best-designed products from around Australia and the world, serving them up in a tantalizing in-store and online experience.

With excellence at its core, top3’s ranges products that consider their impact on the planet, considering sustainability and business philosophy. Top3 by design is an interiors based design store, providing furniture and accessories, as well as lifestyle focused gifting for the for the mindful shopper.  

Top3 by design has been recognized by several design and retail industry awards, including GIA – Global Innovator Award, Chicago and World Retail Congress Award Finalist.