Welcome to the Spark CleanTech Design Awards!

“Clean technology refers to any process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities.” (Wikipedia)

Spark has always pushed the envelope on the horizons of Design. So we think it’s worth exploring design in the context of clean technologies. In this competition, we’re looking for the best examples of products, services and systems that combine great ideas with design thinking and methodologies. Of course, Spark believes in the benefits of a design-centric approach and looks for it in the judging process. Designers, entrepreneurs and engineers of all specialties and disciplines are welcome to take part in this newest of Spark Awards—a competition to honor individuals and teams that are working on important products and projects in the CleanTech universe.

We are not strictly defining what you can enter into this competition. You can propose any solution and design that you feel (and can defend) that fits the Spark criteria for benefiting the world. Check out our Criteria and let’s see your best work!

This competition is for working professionals. Student entries are in the Spark Student competitions. All Spark events are international in scope and accept entries from all designers, everywhere. This award is judged along the same lines as other Spark disciplines—same Criteria, website and registration system. There are two phases of Spark, each with a separate fee. In Phase 1, Spark CleanTech is entirely “virtual.” That is, it is entered, conducted and judged online, over the Spark website. No materials, boards or designs are delivered to Spark in Phase 1. If your work passes the Phase 1 review and becomes a Finalist, after payment of the Finalist fee it will be included in Phase 2 and the live judging.  

Click here for CleanTech Design examples and category sub-types