2018 Spring Winners

The Spring juries completed their selection on June 14th in the dramatic Autodesk Design Gallery in San Francisco.
Many thanks to Autodesk and Jason, Julia and Janice for their gracious hospitality.

It was an ideal setting for what turned out to be a rousing debate on the merits of the design entries. Our rule—that every juror votes on every design, supports a rigorous discussion and judging process.

It was an unforgettable day and Spark is honored to have the participation of such talented and enthusiastic jurors.

The Spring Jury Bench
Mentor: Mike Nuttall, Co-Founder, IDEO
John Guenther, Former Global Design Director, Hewlett-Packard
Klaus Tritschler, Consultant, E-Mobility and VTOL Aircraft
Harnish Jani, Strategic Design Director, BCG Digital Ventures
Mike Derocher, Director, 3D Print Experience Design, Hewlett-Packard
Tom White, Impact Director, LACI
Scot Herbst, Design Director, Herbst Produkt
Sasha Tseng, Principal, sashapure
Britt Ashcraft, Design Director, Ashcraft Design

Not every design wins of course, but all the work was terrific. Spark always attracts high caliber entries, and the juror’s task is never an easy one.

The winners they so carefully selected are announced below.

Thanks to All For Sparking!

Peter Kuchnicki
Spark Founder & President


Design Name Award
Nest Thermostat E Spark Platinum Nest
Nest Secure Spark Platinum Nest
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Spark Gold Nest
Nest Cam IQ Indoor Spark Gold Nest
Norton Core — Whole Home Wi-Fi Spark Gold Symantec Corp
Royyo Spark Silver Koncept, Inc.
Gardco PureForm LED Luminaires Spark Silver Philips Lighting
Nest Hello Spark Silver Nest
Versa Spark Bronze Fitbit Inc.
Milwaukee M18/M12 Jobsite Speaker Spark Bronze Anvil Studios, Inc


Design Name Award Organization
HI-AI Speaker Spark Platinum Jeju National University
Needles Spark Platinum Beijing Institute of Technology,Zhuhai
Nipple Dust Mask Spark Platinum Korea Polytechnic University
SEED Spark Platinum Konkuk University
Stand Spark Platinum California College of the Arts
Amper Spark Gold Art Center College of Design
Andong Soju Spark Gold Hanseo University.
Eclipse Spark Gold Kongju National University
Fight4Her Spark Gold University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Grit Resistance Trainers Spark Gold Art Center College of Design
SECANT Luminous Panel Spark Gold Rockwell Collins
VAVI Spark Gold Hanseo University
AMPEROBO Spark Silver Kyungnam University
Awheel Spark Silver Chungnam National University
One Meal Cooker Spark Silver Korea Design Membership, Gwang Ju
Safe IV Spark Silver Korea Design Membership, Gwang Ju
TEA & TOAST Spark Silver University of Wuppertal, Germany
Tern Air Purifier Spark Silver Wuhan University of Technology
Triage Tag Spark Silver Korea Design Membership
Air Stick Spark Bronze KDM / Keimyung University
AQUA Weather Station Spark Bronze University of Wuppertal, Germany
Church of Ascent Spark Bronze Ron Architects
Dr. Cool Spark Bronze UNIST
Hanger Iron Spark Bronze Korea Design Membership
Lemore Remote Control Spark Bronze Hong Ik University
New Laser Clamp Spark Bronze Jeju National University
ORDINARY Leg Prothesis Spark Bronze Lasalle College of the Arts
Poing Spark Bronze KDM / Dongseo University
Seoul City Identity Spark Bronze Hoseo University
Sky Light Spark Bronze Hong Ik University
Smart IV Stand Spark Bronze Jeju National University
STROT Spark Bronze Konkuk University
TWIG Spark Bronze Konkuk University Glocal Campus
Valkyrie Bed Spark Bronze Rockwell Collins