A display board/poster may be submitted along with your required media. These are effective media to help convey your design to the judges, in addition to your other submitted and uploaded materials.

Poster Boards may be submitted by finalists in all competitions including student design. Please only submit one display board/poster per entry. It may have multiple panels or images on it.

We currently accept only one size for production: A3+, which is 13” x 19” (33cm x 48 cm). Please size your image to fit within those dimensions.

The poster can contain any content you wish that will best show off your design. This can be multiple images, a single image, a new image, text, call-outs—whatever you want. One display board per entry. A portrait layout is preferable, but landscape is allowed. Poster boards are not returned after the jury and are recycled in a sustainable process.


If you are producing display posters yourself, please have them shipped in time to arrive no later than 5pm,  November 10, 2019 for the Fall competitions.

Send Posters To:
Spark Awards
The UPS Store # 3393
1288 Columbus Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94133

This delivery point accepts all shipping services including UPS, FedX, DHL, USPS and official mail, etc.

Phone: +1.914.434.6999
Email: Contact Form


For your convenience, Spark can produce these at extra cost. They require advance payment. Payment will be made via our Paypal account. The Spark team will produce a high-quality display poster and deliver it to the Spark juries.

The process is simple—You alert Spark via the contact form. We’ll send you an invoice and upload directions. The poster will be printed on photo-quality stock and be delivered to the Spark Jury. Please give Spark ample time to create your posters—do not wait until deadline! Spark can not be responsible for entries that arrive too late for processing and delivery. The delivery deadline for board creation is Thursday, November 8. We must have your files and payment by 5pm California Time) on (or preferably before) that day.

Spark will produce display boards to Spark specified sizes of A3+; 13” x 19” (33cm x 48 cm).

The Images should be set to 150 dpi—at their final output size. Maximum file size is one MB. RGB files only. Please note that TIF and PDF files are not accepted.

Please name your file: Spark-(your_design’s name).jpg

All Prints will cost US$100 each. These prices include taxes and delivery to the Spark Jury site.  Spark requires full pre-payment before production. If you would like to order a display poster for the judging, send a note via the Contact Form. Make sure to list each separate design entry name in your note. Spark will then send you a Paypal invoice for the amount due, which can be paid by a wide range of methods (credit card, bank transfer, etc.)

Thanks for Sparking!