Morris Koo, Principal Industrial Designer, HP Advanced Design & Strategy

Morris is a creative, passionate and inspiring leader in product design innovation. He is currently a principal industrial designer of advanced design and strategy team at HP. He focuses on developing organization-wide architectures and design language within the global business unit as well as evaluating new technologies and innovation for alignment with design strategy, technology roadmap, and business value.

Morris designed numerous products for global brands such as Samsung, Dell, Honda, Herman Miller, Lego, Xfinity and HP etc. Most of his works are based on a user-centric approach to understand the end users’ journey from digital to physical, which has been a key to driving his strategy and design. He believes that continuous passion for learning, combined with positive attitude, is the crux of innovation.

Prior to HP, Morris had principal positions at design consultancies, Georgia Pacific and Comcast. He received BFA from University of Seoul and MFA from the Ohio State University.