Leslie Becker, Professor of Design, California College of the Arts

Leslie Becker is a Professor of Design and Visual Studies, former (first) Director of Design, and former chair of the graphic design program at California College of the Arts (formerly CCAC) in San Francisco, California. She teaches a wide range of courses in design practice (Typography, Information Design, Graphic Design Thesis) and Visual Studies courses that address the ethical and social effects of design upon popular culture.

A practicing designer for forty years, Leslie has designed and written Intel’s corporate graphic co-marketing standards for Intel/Smithsonian, designed custom furniture and lighting, reviewed and evaluated the print standards of 3Com worldwide, and consulted with Nokia (Finland) on their print standards. She was among the 100 American graphic designers invited to supply a page in honor of the 100th anniversary of The American Institute of Graphic Arts.

Leslie has served on the AIGA national education advisory board and presented papers at various AIGA National and Education Conferences, AICAD conferences, the Corcoran Conference, Tsinghua University Beijing, Harvard University, St. Louis University Business School, University College Dublin, and London College of Communications. Her essays have appeared in Print, SFDC Magazine, Graphis New Talent, Design Book Review, and several design texts edited by Steven Heller. Additionally, she has provided invited chapters in design texts to international publishers. She views design as a cultural, social, and economic force and has lectured at many conferences and written about design and ethics.

Website: https://www.cca.edu/