Eisuke Tachikawa, Principal, NOSIGNER

Eisuke is a Master of Architecture of Keio University’s Department of Science and Technology, where he focused his studies on architecture, product design, and revitalizing local communities through design. In 2006, while still in school, he established NOSIGNER, a design firm aimed at “designing the invisible.”

Specializing in a multi-disciplinary approach that traverses two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and spatial design, his conceptual planning, innovative product development and branding has been recognized through global awards like Design for Asia Award 2011, NY ADC Young Guns 7, PENTAWARDS PLATINUM, Good Design Awards, and many others. His activities extend beyond commercial work to encompass science and technology, education, local industries, and support for developing nations. Eisuke is also the founder of “OLIVE PROJECT,” an initiative to provide meaningful design during times of disaster.IMPACT JAPAN fellow. He is also a guest professor of University of Saint Joseph (Macau) .

NOSIGNER is a design activist group with the following two philosophies.

Social implementation of design
= Apply design to new areas, accelerate social change from co-creation, maximize design possibilities

Structuring knowledge of design
= Elucidate the design, tell the philosophy of design to many people, increase the number of change makers

Since its launch in 2006, he has been anonymously acting as a NOSIGNER for five years, and restarted NOSIGNER as a design organization on March 11, 2011.

He is internationally recognized as a designer / design strategist across architectural, graphic, product etc fields, and has been awarded as Good Design Gold Award, DFA Grand Prize (Hong Kong), PENTAWARDS Platinum (world’s No,1 food packaging/ Belgium ), SDA Grand Award, and more than 50 major international design awards.
He has served as a judge for many international design awards such as WAF (World Architecture Forum).

He is actively working in the field of social innovation design. WIKI “OLIVE” sharing useful open designs for disaster survivors which launched after 40 hours of the Great East Japan Earthquake made the disaster-prevention design movement. Along OLIVE concept,he worked for developing TOKYO BOSAI (cooperation with Dentsu,inc), the largest disaster prevention plan in Japanese government history that Tokyo issued more than 7.8 million copies.

In March – September 2014, the Cabinet Secretariat hosted the “Cool Japan Movement Promotion Conference” and he inveited as the concept director for the Minister of CJ movement. Contributed to the formulation of the CJ mission declaration “Japan,a country that provides creative solutions to the challenges that the world faces.” Currently, through design strategies that encourage social change, he continue to co-create with various organizations in fields such as next generation energy · regional activity · generation inheritance · traditional industry · scientific communication.

He advocated “evolution thinking” learning design from the evolutionary metaphors of creatures and provides creative education through workshops for universities, NPOs and companies as a philosopher who explores the ideal form of design thinking.