Drew Takahashi, Principal, Funjacket Enterprises & Founder, Colossal Pictures

Drew is the emperor of Funjacket Enterprises and former chairman and former chief creative officer of (Colossal) Pictures, a company he founded with Gary Gutierrez in 1976. He began his career working with George Lucas, Francis Coppola and John Korty on such films as American Graffiti, The Conversation and Who are the Debolts?

Under his design and production direction–which ranged from live action through motion control and computer animation to classic cel–(Colossal) Drew spearheaded the transformation of broadcast IDs into branded interstitial entertainment. Using any and all techniques in film and video, he directed or creative directed broadcast identities (MTV, Showtime, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon), commercials (Coca-Cola, Intel, Nike, Honda, and Levi’s), music videos (Bobby McFerrin, Prince, Joe Cocker, and Kronos Quartet), and interfaces (Apple, Americast, WebTV, and Microsoft). At Funjacket Enterprises Drew has continued to design and direct over an even more diverse range of opportunities, including naming and identities (Laika Entertainment, House Special, and Nuvana), corporate communications (Apple, Intel, and Sun Microsystems), web experiences (playflashback.com, playinterrobang.com) and documentaries (The National Geographic Channel, NRDC, and Actual Pictures).

In the TV advertising world, Drew has directed spots for Coca-Cola, Honda, Nike, Budweiser, barnesandnoble and GO Networks. His most recent projects incorporate his experience in advertising, branding and technology and include the development of branding, navigation and architecture for such clients as National Geographic, Excite, Americast, WebTV, Microsoft, VH1 and Replay Networks.