Bart Massee, Senior Design Manager, Advanced Design, Global HP

Bart Graduated with flying colors from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 1991, in the wave of global design talent including many of the Dutch Droog designers, including Piet Hein Eek, and Richard Hutten. (Renowned Furniture designers)

He worked freelance for several years building up a client base in the Netherlands. His graduation project continued in the first years in the field of Recumbent Commuters bicycle design experiments.

Working for a variety of clients, designing Truck Cab for Metagro and Terberg, his work set the design identity for a broad Truck Design language for years.

He also designed Cabs for Mitsubishi and Ford New Holland though a corporation with a large Cab development manufacturer in the Netherlands.

After Bart coded a HTML web portfolio in 1995, the early days of the web, Bart connected with consultancy firms in the USA, and landed a job with Insight Product development in Chicago in 1997.

Bart grew from product designer to one of three Principle designers in a rapidly growing 60 people award winning Design team.

In 2000 Bart started his further career with Philips Design in the Netherlands, where he grew towards Design management and Creative Direction roles.

Participating in major disruptive innovation programs for Philips Norelco, and joining Stefano Marzano in the Award winning 2006 Next Simplicity vision of the future program, where they designed the Air-puck, which appears a predecessor that may have inspired a nest like circular experience.

Bart led the Health & Wellness team towards multiple design awards, about 40 in the last 10 years, With the highlight the Philips Sonicare product, including Airfloss, and Philips Sonicare Diamond clean, helping to grow Sonicare from 300 Million to a Billion Dollar global company.

Bart took a role as the leader of the Seattle Philips Oral healthcare Design studio in 2011, moving over to the Westcoast and build out the studio from zero to about 12 people.

Lately Bart made the switch to lead the HP Advanced Design team, for Print, driving Harmonization and Innovation with a team of 10 people.

Bart is also a member of the innovation board for a Kickstarter company startup focusing on delivering clean drinking water to the world’s population.

He has a passion for VR exploration, using his Oculus, and interest in robotics, AI, Virtual immersion an all related technologies.

Next to this he is a long time beta tester for Concepts Smarter sketching, where he collaborates with the design and dev team to bring optimal creative platform to the Ipad.

Bart also runs a small gaming startup developing gaming experiments to Ipad and Iphone based on lifelike particle system studies. He Designs, codes and publishes gaming experiments to explore the boundaries of UI and visual experiences.