Terence Young

Terence Young, Architect/Design Principal/Design Director at Gensler
Senior Designer and Design Director at Gensler Los Angeles. Currently specialized in Airports and Transportation planning and design. Terence provides leadership as a Senior Project Designer Architect, a Senior Associate in the firm, and as a Design Director leading the Aviation and Transportation studio. He joined Gensler in 1995 and has experience leading both large and small teams in buildings and interior design. As a LEED Accredited Professional, passionate outdoors man and a concerned citizen, he explores sustainability features in every design problem.

He is passionate about civic commissions as his interest lies in creating environments which serve travelers as patrons and visitors, to express a cultural heritage and serve a mass transit-using population. His experience in airport design, public transit stations, museum, concert halls and theaters appeals to his sense of social responsibility and community service, which he feels that Architecture is obligated to provide.