Ryan Jongwoo Choi, Industrial Designer, McLaren Applied Technology
Ryan is an Industrial/Mobility Designer who has built strong communication skills; in verbal collaborative work, though sketching, 3D prototyping as well as software and hardware engineering capabilities. He respects and values diverse opinions and expertise from his collaborators, seeing this as the strongest way to design products which will be truly useful and valuable to people.
Ryan has extensive experience working in design consultancies as well as in-house design teams in consumer electronics industry. He is currently working within the Design Group of McLaren Applied Technologies and mainly focused on Public Transport, Automotive, Motorsport, and Health industries.

In his own words:
“I have extensive experience working in design agency as well as for in-house design team in both South Korea and United Kingdom. This has exposed me to a variety of different cultures and systems. My experiences have made me aware of how important the bigger picture is in the design process.”

Website: http://www.ryanchoi.co.uk/