Matio Conti, Senior ID Manager, Motorola Mobility

Matias is senior design manager of industrial design at Motorola, where he leads a team of designers working to build innovative products.  
He has been working for top notch corporations in America, Europe and Asia.  During this time he acquired a diverse set of methods and strategies that allow him to approach any design challenge with an unique vision.  His work has earned several international design awards such as the iF design award, CES Innovation award, Golden Pin award and Good Design award as well as several publications in specialized sites.  With an holistic and user oriented approach he is interested in designing meaningful products that has impact on people’s life. Innovative solutions that balance aesthetic, functionality, technology and resources. Products with a soul able to create that spark which link user emotion to products.

In his own words:“Design to me, is more than pure styling and a creation of aesthetics; I always work strategic with design to capture new potential opportunities. By excellent knowledge of the user needs -and market, I believe it is possible to create successful commercial products with user-centered design”