Martin Heck, Designer, Brandis Industrial Design, Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

Martin was born into a German/Estonian family in the then Soviet Union’s Estonia. He is interested in all tech-related things and cannot communicate articulately without his sketchbook. Earning a diploma for product design from the Bauhaus University in Weimar, he took the first step into the industry at a Japanese design company in Shanghai.

Martin currently works as senior designer at BRANDIS INDUSTRIAL DESIGN in Germany, creating products for companies like BOSCH and MIDEA. He specializes in consumer electronics, believing that there is always a solution that would satisfy the economic demands of the industry and still benefit society. With a knack for technical stuff, Martin is able to meet complex mechanical challenges with a mixture of quick sketches and CAD modelling skills. These have been put into good use when he has to deal with over-demanding clients from Shanghai to Munich.

Martin draws inspiration from his diverse cultural experience and linguistic skills in multiple languages including a unique Estonian and Japanese combination.