Claudio Ribeiro, Head of Design, 360Fly

Multi cultural and multi lingual award winning industrial designer, Claudio is a design leader with a 18+ years proven track record in industrial design, experience design, design innovation, design language, color material finish process, design integration with co-branding emphasis, and competitive trend analysis. Extensive experience in design innovation in telecommunication, wearables, medical and iOT devices.

Responsible in driving the design vision within companies, where product ecosystems have a higher priority than the product itself, since experiences and its connectivity can bring users/consumers to become loyal to the brand, creating a better experience and long term revenue.

Developed shared platforms and product strategies, always considering the overall experience of the product (UI and ID), while maintaining visual consistency in core products and building brand strength through design excellence.

Created successful products in the Motorola portfolio, several of those sold +15 million units worldwide, overseeing team with an yearly output of +20 new Products and +60 new Projects/Concepts/Explorations.

Drove innovation and design experiences in product and explorations of the Motorola portfolio, 360fly, and VSN Mobil and its customers, holding +95 utility and design patents worldwide.

Led several initiatives of evolving current design language or creating new design languages that addresses international market needs. Those design language explorations took a holistic approach where I focused on the experience of the product; from its form, to the user interface, color materials and finishes, interaction, human factors and brand.

Creative leadership and project management skills: assess, inspire, mentor, create, develop, and retain high performers and innovative thinkers. Recognized as a creative manager with a strong hands-on track record, from the conceptualization to the final product.