Tang Chen-Chuan, Director, Tang Designs

Tang is an award-winning design director who works mostly in Mainland China and Taiwan. He has won the Most Favorite Designers by Taiwanese TV show “Gorgeous Space” for many times.

Early in 2006, Tang was selected as the most favorite designer of a well-known specialist media “my Home”. Later on, he won the DECO Magazine Quality Design Award for 12 consecutive editions. Combining great sense of taste and design into daily life; mixing the delicacy and “extraordinariness” into the style, Tang pushs the limits to achieve the best result of work.

In 2015, Tang was invited to participate in the 9th “Working with Design Elites”, held by Interior Design magazine China. He got a chance to communicate and exchange thoughts with many great designers, including the international director of Audi, the founder of PAL Design, the founder of J&A Design. In the same year, he participated in the “Chinese Design got Attitude” held by NetEaseHome. Participants came from Italy, Spain, South Korea, Mainland China and Taiwan to share and exchange their ideas and experiences.

In more than 30 years of design experience, Tang Chen-Chuan believes every space has its own personality, just like human. A space requires not only a good design but also a design with passion and love.

Website: http://tang-designs.com/