Platinum Winner & AllSpark Special Honor

Competition: 2022 Spark:Spring Student
Designer: Yang (Reiten) Cheng
Design Type: Product & industrial
School: ArtCenter College of Design

A Special New Spark Design Award Announced—
The AllSpark Award goes to ArtCenter Student Yang (Reiten) Cheng

This AllSpark Special Honor was awarded to Platinum winner Polyformer, an entry in the Spark 2022 Spring Student Awards.

Polyformer is a CleanTech design—a 3D printed machine that recycles PET bottles into 3D printing filaments.

According to designer Yang (Reiten) Cheng, “Our goal is to give water bottles a second life by turning them into 3D printable filaments. 3D printing is a more efficient way to upcycle thanks to its versatility in producing useful parts. Polyformer is designed to be built with mostly 3D printed parts and easily obtainable components found on 3D printers, so that most makers can build it themselves.”


“This is a machine designed to turn waste water bottles into filament media for 3-D printers. It was the top voted entry of our Spring entries and deserving of the rare AllSpark Award. Outstanding job!”