Foil Version of Cert

Hello Spark Winners & Finalists

The 2021 Spark Certificates are finished. We have a new system that allows official winners and finalists to directly retrieve these personally customized high quality PDF files from your Spark Gallery Page. You’ll find them to the right of your design description. Just click on the Cert and it pops up in your browser PDF viewer or downloads directly to your device.

Print it on a high-quality color printer and they will look great (glossy paper works very well).

If you have fellow team members, or a favorite Client or Professor, please forward the Certificate to them.

You do have to fully pay your normal Finalist fees to access the PDF–the gallery page and the Cert will not appear if you have not. It’s great that most of you already have done so.

Congratulations and Thanks for Sparking!

–Spark Design Awards

PS: If you’re interested in displaying the Spark logo or badges, there are a variety of sizes and shapes on the website under the “media” tab, at no extra charge.

PPS: We are also producing limited edition, printed and laminated gold foil Certificates, available at extra cost. These will take a few weeks. The text will be the same as the Gallery PDF, so make sure that the PDF is accurate. If you are interested, check out the details at:

Spark Design Awards
The Award for International Design Excellence