Tay Ung

Tay Ung, Co-Founder, UnionSquare + CHOISI潮⽣生

Tay is the CXO and Co-founder of UnionSquare, a multi-disciplinary design
studio in the beating heart of Shenzhen, the silicon valley of hardware. And
Co-founder of CHOISI, a fashion tech startup, powering fashion with AI.
His career started out at the tender age of 16 as an Industrial Designer. From
that point onwards Tay has been addicted to design. After graduating with a
masters in Computer Related Design from RCA, he traveled the world.
Tay’s experiences spans over two decades crossing paths with global giants
such as Panasonic, Sony, LG, Apple, Huawei, Ericsson and Cisco – building
software and hardware. Along the way he has built several design teams
from the ground-up, as well as contributing to innovative new products that
had shaped our industry.

Website: www.choisi.co