Larry Miller

Larry Miller, Founding Partner, 219 Design
At 219 Design Larry works on a variety of engineering projects that combine elements of electronic, software, mechanical, and industrial design. Although his education is in mechanical engineering, Larry’s experience at 219 Design has made him a strong designer in all of these fields.

He is one of the founders of 219 Design. “Since 2004 my partners and I have worked hard to build a client base that has confidence in our work and is always pleased with our results.”

Prior to starting 218 Design, Larry was with Novatorque, Inc., working on mechanical designs demonstrating NovaTorque’s emerging motor technology ant at Quizix, Inc. Larry designed and modeled components for precision high-pressure pumps. He graduated with his MS from Stanford in Mechanical Engineering and a BS at UC Berkeley.

Specialties: mechanical design, embedded systems design, software/firmware development