Kenneth Young


Kenneth Young, Lead Industrial Designer, Box Clever

Kenneth is a craft based Industrial Designer who focuses on creating meaningful products that bridge the space between consumers and brands. Known as a prolific designer who is capable of ideating rapidly in a short period of time. This ability to generate is coupled with an editorial mindset that curates when decisions are required to move forward. He often utilizes creative problem solving and empathetic observation to generate intelligent solutions.

Born and educated in New Zealand, Kenneth is a nimble and resourceful designer who is not afraid to move quickly and prototype early. His passion for making tangible products is bolstered with the ability to take concepts to market, while maintaining design intent. An extensive understanding of the product development process allows him to lead teams with clarity and confidence. He is known for empowering team members by framing design challenges with clear logic and creative direction.

At the core of his approach, he is a designer who enjoys creative thinking and learning through making. Naturally convivial by nature, Kenneth has the ability to foster and build client relationships that lead to successful, long term partnerships. He focuses on establishing clear expectations, unpacks the true needs of the client and delivers solutions that directly answer the challenge at hand. He has successfully established on-going relationships with international clients such as HP, Logitech, Sound United and REI.