Trophies & Certificates

They’re Back!
Upon request, all Spark Finalists and Winners are entitled to an official PDF Certificate attesting to their accomplishment. The Certificates are in PDF file format and sent via email. There is no charge for the PDF Certificates.

For all past and present winners, Spark is also offering gold foil printed and framed Certificates, for a fee. They will be available throughout the year. The Spark trophy is also available for a limited time.

Personalized trophies go into production several times a year and orders are being accepted. They are available for purchase by all past and present Spark winners and finalists, and their firms, schools, organizations and any clients related to the design. They are custom-engraved with the designer’s information.

The gold-foil Spark Certificate is a framed paper certificate. It is customized to each winner and design. They are US$55 each, plus shipping/service charge.

The Spark Official Trophy is US$225, plus shipping/service charge. Additional (identical) trophy: $200 each, plus shipping/service charge.

Shipping is $15/each piece to USA, $35/each International, both more if by courier.

You may purchase any number of trophies and/or certificates.

All trophies must be paid for in advance of manufacture. Payment can be by check or Paypal in the US and Canada, and only by Paypal for international orders (We can’t take credit cards directly for trophies, sorry. However, Paypal does accept them).

We will custom engrave the winner/finalist information on each trophy– Design name (only one per trophy), up to 4 Designers names, the Award level and organization– depending upon a limited number of characters. The size is 8 inches x 4 inches x 1 inch (200mm x 100mm x 25mm), weighing approximately 1.5 oz.

If you are interested in a trophy, or several, please notify us and we will send you an invoice for the total amount. When we reach at least 25 paid orders, the production order will be placed. If we do not proceed with production, all monies will be refunded. The customization and production will take approximately 90 days to fulfill. Shipping will add a week or two to that time.

If you are interested, please confirm the following information by email to: store @ (remove spaces).

1. Design Name for each piece
2. Designer(s) name(s)
3. Additional persons if any (Professors, Clients, Mom!)
4. Award level
5. Name of the award category (Spark Product, Spark Communication, Spark MAKR, Spark PROTO, Spark Spaces, Spark Transport, Spark Experience, Spark Concept, Spark Health, Spark Cause, Spark WEAR or simply, Spark Awards)
6. How many trophies do you want?
7. How many certificates do you want?
8. Contact person
9.  Contact phone or mobile
10. Email address
11. Person we will ship to
12. Company or organization we will ship to (if any)
13. Shipping address
14. Design company, school or organization to be engraved on the award (if any)
15. Competition Year (that you were a Finalist or Winner)