WEAR Design


Spark WEAR Award

WEAR is for design in materials, textiles, fabrics, tech clothing or wearables. It is about the things we wrap ourselves and our world in. It’s not about fashion, but it certainly can be fashionable. It can be part of the process, too– a design that creates or enables—a project that adds new insights to daily life or lighter, more functional streetwear that solves problems and improves life.

Spark was honored to present a jury of very talented judges for our ninth competition. Every year the jury is new, gathered with the help of our Jury Chairs, Advisers and Community members. The Jurors come from across the spectrum of design disciplines, media, educators and experts.

The Spark WEAR Jury applied the Spark Mission and Criteria and brought the highest standards to the task of selecting Spark’s Finalists and Winners.

Links to the WEAR Design Winners may be found in the Winner Indexes above.