Spark Cause Design


Mastering the great challenges facing low resource people around the world has become a focus for many NGOs, governments, companies and individuals. Targeted efforts are beginning to show success in areas ranging from disease prevention to electrification and clean water. But much needs to be done and design can be a key tool in these efforts. Many designers see their work on these projects as a personal contribution and even a duty. Many NGOs and foundations are set up to focus specifically on various needs and problems. “Social enterprises” and for-profit corporations have a stake in bringing about a healthier, more productive world, and many participate actively in public-private projects.

The purpose of this competition is to highlight these efforts—especially when design is a factor and an enabling tool.  All entries must contribute solutions that promote social or environmental betterment.

The Spark Cause Design Awards are for work that is currently produced or in pre-production and intended to be available to the general public, companies or organizations. This competition is not for concept or student work (those designs should be submitted to the Spark Concept Awards

The Spark Cause Design Award is for a wide range of applications, systems and products that provide solutions to a myriad of problems—some far afield and some right at home.

Entrants will include product designers, digital designers, engineers, sales, marketing and PR departments, design firms, companies and any organization designing, creating, producing or using these tools.

Spark Cause has specific criteria including: societal benefit, ergonomics, utility, practicality, innovation, elegance and beauty, suitability, usability, efficiency, performance, functionality, sustainability, general need and usefulness, realization of potential and of course– Sparkyness!

All the competitions observe Spark’s mission and general criteria >HERE

Since financing is extremely difficult in many cases and directly affects the production, distribution and use of these solutions, designers are encouraged to create sustainable projects using indigenous materials and talent, with strict fiscal constraints and low operational costs.  For its part, Spark will contribute a permanent 50%-off coupon code for any design entered. The code is “Cause-It!”

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