The Spark Mission is to promote better living through better design

Commerce is important, but it is a means to an end. We might call the real goal “betterment.” Better lives, better health, better water, better air. Great design can help us get there.

The Spark Awards have two guiding criteria:
1. Does the design Spark? Break new ground? Is it a new idea? Creation or refinement? Is it cutting-edge communications? Are the graphics clear and compelling? Does it pop?

2. Does it improve the quality of life? Contribute to happiness, joy, longevity, progress? Does it sustain our Earth’s limited resources?

Then it’s a Spark!

Underlying the great respect for the Spark Awards is a community of designers and creative people bound together by the idea that design can make significant, positive changes in the world. We promote good design through the annual organization of international design competitions, exhibitions, blogs and workshops.

Spark is international and multi-disciplinary, celebrating design as a process for improving our life and the planet we live on. We believe design is a critical tool to accelerate human progress.

The Spark Advisory Council, Entrants and Juries include some of the most talented designers working today. We work with major schools and universities, assisting in co-promotion of events, interchange programs and advanced studies.

The Spark Awards are focused on different design categories and open to submissions from both individuals and organizations. Our jurors are leaders selected from across the spectrum of design disciplines, media, educators and experts.