These Designers Won a Spark Award

First Last Design Name Award Category
PepsiCo Design & Innovation LIFEWTR Art After Dark Gold Experience
PepsiCo Design & Innovation LIFEWTR Series 3 Spark! Communication
PepsiCo Design & Innovation Maker Overnight Oats Spark! Communication
Hyosub An Clevu Spark! Concept
Hyoshin Bae Shadow Puppet Book Bronze Concept
Yves Behar August Smart Lock Silver Product
Yves Behar ORI Bronze Product
Yves Behar SNOO Smart Sleeper Spark! Product
Yves Behar The Frame Bronze Product
Charles Bombardier Paradoxal Bronze Transport
Kwangmin Cho AIL AGH250V Bronze Concept
Jaewon Choi Foldable Net Bronze Concept
Leo Chow India Basin Bronze Space
Leo Chow, AIA Poly International Plaza Gold Space
PepsiCo Design & Innovation 7Up Lemon Lemon Bronze Communication
Google Hardware Design Team Daydream View Spark! Product
Google Hardware Design Team Google Home Gold Product
Google Hardware Design Team Google Home Mini Gold Product
Google Hardware Design Team Google Pixel Buds Gold Product
Google Hardware Design Team Google Pixelbook & Pixelbook Pen Silver Product
Design Team YinengFM Silver Cause
Camelbak Product Development Team CRUX Reservoir Gold Wear
Camelbak Product Development Team Quick Stow Soft Flask Bronze Wear
Ding Dong TAPOLE Series T Spark! Product
Bruce Fifield Hamilton-C6 Ventilator Spark! Health
Frederic Gooris Pop-Up Booster Seat Silver Product
Shiyu Guo Buggie Bronze Concept
Kim Ha Eun DeepSee Silver Concept
Jieun Han Fresh Dot Wrap Bronze Concept
Jihee Han Raised-spot Escalator Bronze Concept
Gang Hao Peony Type Bronze Communication
Dan Harden Bobrick PRIVADA Spark! Product
Dan Harden Tascent InSight One Silver Product
Dan Harden TP-Link Quarter Camera Gold Product
Weihan He Harbour Cat Sanctuary Silver Concept
Seonghwan Hong Compression Closet Bronze Concept
Yoshikazu Hoshino CAAVO Silver Product
Sheng-Hsin Hsu A Scene of Woods Spark! Space
Sheng-Hsin Hsu The Field in the City Silver Space
Yunwoo Jeong Hyperloop System Innovation Gold Transport
Yunwoo Jeong Hyperloop System Innovation Silver Space
SOHN JeongHwan Tone and Tune Silver Concept
Kim JiWan SPACKER Silver Concept
Sung Uk Jo Hydro Buoy Bronze Concept
Songhee Jo Pyeongchang Olympics Kiosk Bronze Concept
Yeongkyu Jung CARKET Spark! Concept
Eui Chul Jung Dr. Loupe: Iris Recognition Eyewear Spark! Concept
Kim Keunyoung CPTEDrone for Safety & Security Gold Concept
Chajoong Kim Air Cube Spark! Concept
Seung ki Kim Atomy Product Identity Bronze Communication
So Young Kim ball-tab Silver Concept
Mira Kim Han-sip Gold Concept
Chajoong Kim Let In Clear Gold Concept
Jae Young Kim OOINO Mini Refrigerator Spark! Concept
Chan Kim Payo Gold Communication
Wanki Kim Protect Bee Bronze Concept
Will Lark Noon Silver Product
Youju Lee Enlighten Bronze Concept
Donghun Lee Grass Manager Gold Concept
Sang Min Lee Kwangdong Choi’s Oriental Herb Silver Communication
Hyun Jun Lee Pistol Air Tacker Bronze Concept
Jae An Lee Rescue Shield Silver Concept
Denny Liao Mr Pip’s Double Cross Game Silver Product
Philips Lighting Design Philips Lumec Luminaires Silver Product
Jihyeon Lim 2018 Diary Design Collaboration Silver Communication
Wei-Chun Lin RUKI Bronze Concept
Michael Liu House in Macau Bronze Space
Stigo Ltd Stigo E-Bike Bronze Transport
Greg Lynn Gita Silver Transport
Sahar Madanat 2 in 1 Salt & Pepper Shaker Bronze Product
Tetsuya Matsumoto The Cutting Edge Pharmacy Gold Space
Bo McKinney Dell Canvas 27 Experience Bronze Experience
Bo McKinney Dell OS Recovery Tool Experience Bronze Experience
Yungi Min Sliding Air Conditioner Bronze Concept
Cody Moore Sift Silver Concept
So Yeon Na My Temperature Air Conditioner Silver Concept
Anna Noè il bollettino Gold Communication
Gyeong-Min PARK Air Hoshi Bronze Concept
Jiyeun Park Beginning Gold Concept
KyeogHun Park Soom B Spark! Concept
Brian Peaston IBM App Connect Bronze Experience
Mengyuan Qi Napac Spark! Concept
Adam Ritchie T.R.I.P. Album Release Beer Silver Experience
Hyeok Roh Nail Gun Silver Concept
Paul Scrase Felcana Helix Silver Concept
James Self TOYBOX 2.0 Silver PROTO
Belfug Sener Blink Gold Concept
Park Seonghyeon Oil Mixing Stopper Spark! Concept
Jonathan Sheinkop LeanRite Bronze Product
Ming Sheng Shih WATHIELD Spark! Concept
YoungJin Shin Jelly Breaker Silver Concept
Timothy Smith The Octane Cocoon Silver Health
Seung Hyun Sung Boxaw Gold Concept
Elaheh Tassavor FLEX Gold Concept
Design Team 2ToTango Gold Concept
Design Team Culinary Coach Silver Concept
Fitbit Design Team Fitbit Flyer Silver Wear
Fitbit Design Team Fitbit Flyer Bronze Product
Design Team Long Beach Know More Campaign Gold Concept
Alex Terry Tidal House Silver Space
Chuan Chieh Tseng Extension Spark! Space
Steven Umbach Cardionics SimShirt Spark! Wear
John White Aria Inhalers Spark! Concept
Taiju Yamashita Dip Corporation Head Office Bronze Space
Jihyeon Yang Maze Cube Gold Concept
Seunghee Yang Seogwipo Theater Renovation Bronze Concept
Jung Yeong Kyu Knudt Chair Silver Concept
Hyunseok Yoo Babyguard Bronze Concept
Hoseong Yu CCTV for Human and Birds Silver Concept
Hoseong Yu Saving & Recycling Water Bronze Concept
Hoseong Yu Tire Swing Water Pump Gold Concept
Utharaa Zacharias TIGGY Coffee Table Silver Concept