These Are The Winning Designs of 2015

Design Category Award Company Name
A1 Solar Lantern Cause Spark! d.light
A1 Solar Lantern Product Spark! d.light
Accordion Baby Bottle Concept Spark! Dongseo University
Air Pocket Helmet Concept Bronze Designsori Academy
AIVRY Concept Spark! Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Alpine Headphones Product Bronze LUNAR & Alpine teams
AmpStrip Heart Rate Monitor Product Gold Design Concepts
Anatomical Theatre Experience Spark! Tinker imagineers
Arlo Smart Security Camera Product Bronze Enlisted Design
Arrow Signal Mirror Concept Bronze Gachon University
Autonomous Baggage Train Concept Gold Umea Institute of Design
Autonomous Baggage Train Transport Spark! Umea Institute of Design
Bam Boo Quito Fan Concept Bronze Korea Design Membership
Be Girl FLEXI-PAD & PANTY-PAD Health Spark! Be Girl, Inc
Be Girl FLEXI-PAD & PANTY-PAD Wear Spark! Be Girl, Inc
Bicycle Winker Concept Spark! Sangmyoung University
Bike-lectric Concept Bronze Academy of Art University
BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R Transport Silver BMW Group
BMW 7 Series Transport Silver BMW Group
BMW C evolution Transport Gold BMW Group
BMW R 1200 R Transport Bronze BMW Group
Boeing 777 Premium Arch Product Gold The Boeing Company & TEAGUE
BonBon Insulin Pump Concept Silver Academy of Art University
Booth Design for Jeju Concept Bronze Jeju National University
Bottlelight Concept Silver Bergische University Wuppertal
Bowling Extinguisher Concept Silver Dongseo University
Bries Breathing Companion Concept Bronze Academy of Art University
Bright Look Concept Bronze Azad Art University
Bublcam Product Silver Bubl & Cortex Design
Cape Mansions Space Bronze PplusP Designers Ltd.
Cedars-Sinai OR 360 Lab Space Gold Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign
Chirming Concept Silver Sejong University
CITIC Financial Center Space Bronze Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Citizens of Humanity Showroom Space Gold Montalba Architects, Inc.
Clamier Concept Bronze Hanyang University
Communication Building Blue Office Space Bronze SSP SchürmannSpannel AG
COMODO Office Space Bronze COMODO Interior & Furniture Design Co
CorningWare Stovetop Series Product Bronze World Kitchen, LLC
Curator Concept Bronze Stanford University
D2D Concept Silver California College of the Arts
Dell Gallery Digital Bronze Dell Inc.
Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme Product Bronze Dell Inc.
Dell Live Wallpaper Digital Gold Dell Inc.
Dell UltraSharp 34 Monitor Product Silver Dell Inc.
Dell XPS 13 Product Silver Dell Inc.
DENNY Bike Concept Spark! TEAGUE & Sizemore Bicycle
Deus Ex Machina Concept Bronze Academy of Art University
Dolby Cinema Product Silver Dolby Laboratories
Dolby Conference Phone Product Silver Dolby Laboratories
DOMunder Experience Experience Gold Tinker imagineers
Double Happiness @ Harbour City Space Bronze Andy Tong Interior Ltd.
Earring Medicine Concept Bronze Hongik university
Earth-Quick Fixture Concept Silver Hanyang University
Easy Vege Concept Silver Dong-Seo University
E-DRONE Concept Bronze Sangmyung University
Edward M. Kennedy Institute Experience Gold ESI Design
Electric Wheelchair Concept Bronze Hanbat National University
Enlighten Concept Gold Enlighten
Epi Concept Silver Academy of Art University
Experience Juliana Children’s Hospital Experience Silver Tinker imagineers
Experience Juliana Children’s Hospital Health Gold Tinker imagineers
Exploded Space Silver One Plus Partnership Ltd
EYESEE Concept Gold Samsung Design Membership
Fade Task Light Product Spark! Fade Studio Inc.
Fenn-Torin Spring Coiler Product Bronze ROBRADY design
Fetch and Freight Product Silver Fetch Robotics
Finger Kit Concept Bronze Hanyang Univ
Fish In The Hole Concept Gold Korea Polytechnic University
Fixed Elastic Hammer Concept Silver Chung Ang University
Flo Concept Spark! Designmatters at Art Center College
FORTIS Tool Arm Product Gold ROBRADY design
FORTIS Tool Arm Wear Gold ROBRADY design
Gator Frameworks Speaker Stand Product Gold ROBRADY design
GINO Collection Product Gold notNeutral
Graava Product Silver Graava
Gravy LED Wall Sconce Product Gold Koncept
Greenhouse Protector Concept Bronze Hanbat National University
Guide Bollard Product Bronze Landscape Forms
Haiku with SenseME Product Gold Big Ass Solutions
Henrybuilt Website Digital Silver Henrybuilt
HTC One (M9) Phone Product Silver HTC Corporation
HUBB Oil Filter Product Spark! Whipsaw Inc
humangear GoBites Product Silver humangear and LUNAR
IBEX Concept Bronze Art Center College of Design
ICON A5 Transport Spark! ICON Aircraft
InterferenceHunter Product Bronze IDE Incorporated
IRS-25 Concept Bronze Umeà Institute of Design
IUM Concept Bronze California College of the Arts
JAZZ Seat Product Bronze B/E Aerospace, Panasonic Avionics Corporation, TEAGUE and Formation Design Group
Kube Product Bronze Thomas & Darden Inc.
Leitz Icon Cartridges Product Spark! Whipsaw Inc
Leitz Icon Smart Labeling System Product Bronze Whipsaw Inc
Lever Point Guider Concept Bronze Chung Ang University
LoanGifting Cause Gold RKS
Loop Bike Rack Product Bronze Landscape Forms
Lux Island Stove Hood Product Bronze Zephyr Ventilation
Lyft Glowstache Product Spark! Ammunition + Lyft
Mad Men Bench Product Bronze Pentagram Design
Mercedes-Benz F 015 Transport Gold Mercedes-Benz; Daimler AG
Mimosa C5i Hotspot Receiver Product Bronze Whipsaw Inc
MINI Z X-Ray Imager Product Gold Altitude
Mobile Mountain Concept Bronze Academy of Art University
Moscone Center Expansion Space Silver Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Museum of the American Indian Space Silver Kuth/Ranieri Architects
Nebia Shower Product Spark! Nebia Inc.
Necksaviour Product Bronze Product Development Technologies
New United States Courthouse Space Spark! Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Nice Toilet Concept Bronze Ewha Women’s University
Olympic Torch Concept Bronze Art Center College of Design
ONE Q Concept Bronze Samsung Design Membership
One-Handed Tableware Set Cause Silver Sahar Madanat Design
Onetime Digital Spark! LUNAR
Palais 23 Experience Spark! SET
Prism Concept Gold California College of the Arts
PURE Concept Gold Academy of Art University
Push Driver Concept Gold Hannam University
Q Concept Bronze ArtCenter College of Design
QuickSet Remote Control Product Silver Universal Electronics
Ratio Eight Coffee Machine Product Silver James Owen Design
RKS Guitars 10th Anniversary Set Product Silver RKS
ROLF Spectacles Brougham 205 Product Gold ROLF Spectacles
ROLF Spectacles Brougham 205 Wear Silver ROLF Spectacles
ROLF Spectacles Excellence 92 Product Spark! ROLF Spectacles
SAKE: The History Communication Gold Gatehouse Publishing
Solux Concept Spark! California College of the Arts
Speech Plus+ Concept Silver Jeju National University
Spring Cape Concept Spark! National Taipei University of Technology
Stack BR30 Downlight & A19 Classic Product Silver Stack Lighting
Stator Scooter Concept Bronze Art Center College of Design
Stator Scooter Transport Spark! Art Center College & Stator Scooters
STEPS Forward Health Silver American Medical Association
Stop Motion Space Gold One Plus Partnership Ltd
Structo Product Bronze Curio Design
Studio Dental Health Bronze Montalba Architects, Inc.
Tati Shoes Concept Silver De Guang Digital Design Co Ltd
Tesla PowerWall Product Spark! Tesla Motors
The Book of Federal Colors Communication Bronze Seaberry Design & Communications
THE ‘ONE’ THAT MATTERS Communication Silver SC ASSET Corporation Plc.
The Strand Communication Spark! Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP
Tikee Product Bronze Enlaps
Tinker Cafe Racer Transport Bronze Jack Lennie Design Ltd
Toilet Paper Roll Redesign Concept Bronze Continuum
TomTom Spark GPS Watch Wear Bronze TomTom, Inc.
Unisnow Concept Silver Art Center College of Design
UNTITLED exhibition Communication Bronze Ewha Womans University
UV Bar Concept Bronze Hongik University
Vacuum Mixer Product Silver HausElec
Vald Concept Spark! ArtCenter College of Design
Vanishing Crafts Communication Bronze Designing Cultures Studio
Vass Kettle Concept Gold Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Water Block Concept Gold designerdot
Whirlpool BCD-401 Refrigerator Product Bronze Whirlpool (China) Co., Ltd.
Whirlpool DG-L7533 Washer Product Bronze Whirlpool (China) Co., Ltd.
Whirlpool DK-L3030 Air Purifier Product Bronze Whirlpool (China) Co., Ltd.
Whirlpool MW-T500 Microwave Product Bronze Whirlpool (China) Co., Ltd.
Window Air Silver Silver Hongik university
XinKaishi Health Silver BCG Digital Ventures
XinKaishi Product Bronze BCG Digital Ventures
Zenyth Bronze Bronze RMIT University Melbourne
Zenyth Transport Silver RMIT University Melbourne