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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Max Burton
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: Graava
Team Members: Max Burton, Chief Designer Hoang Nguyen, Principle Designer Clement Puertolas, Industrial Designer Henry Wu, Interaction Designer

Graava is the self-editing camera that works like the human brain, determining what memories to save and helping you create short videos of the best moments. Originally conceived for action sports aficionados, the design team wanted it to create an object that could be universally relevant and fundamentally humanist in its home integration. Graava is designed with subtlety in mind, absent the gadgety-ness of many high-tech devices (including its nearest competitor, the GoPro camera). As a result of its use-agnostic design, Graava integrates beautifully in the home, including in a vestibule as a home security device or in the baby’s room as a life monitor. Grave’s UI/UX is equally humanist and entirely based on the design team’s insights into how the human brain forms memories. The device monitors activity using a number of sensors including image sensor, microphone, accelerometer, GPS and a heart monitor. What turns Graava’s brain on? Images moving across its field of vision, changes in sound and speed, and the quickening of the user’s own heart. And because Graava geo-locates, videos become digital journals of the user’s most poignant experiences.