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San Francisco Business Portal

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Screen
Designer: Gaby Brink - Chief Designer
Design Type: Website
Company / Organization / School: Tomorrow Partners & City and County of San Francisco
Team Members: Nathalie Destandau, Jeremy Kaye,Carl Bender, Michelle Van Houten, James Larson, David Karam, Manoj Kumar, Jane Gong, Angelica Quicksey, Jason Hemmerle, Stephanie Orma, Zoe Minikes

The San Francisco Business Portal is the most comprehensive resource for starting, managing, and growing a business in the City and County of San Francisco. By clarifying the steps to compliance; allowing for easier access to licenses, permits, and requirements; and providing a wealth of resources, the process is now more efficient for the entire business community – from first-time owners to experienced entrepreneurs and City staff.