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Nice Toilet

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Daye Hwang
Design Type: toilet design
Company / Organization / School: Ewha Women's University

It is a design for health, curing ‘constipation’, emerging as a major issue with introduction of a toilet bowl. Existing toilet bowl lets a user take a pose like sitting on a chair. This pose obstacles bowel movement as puborectal muscle, concerned in the movement, blocks a route. To solve this problem, this design makes a user take a squatting pose, not letting puborectal muscle block the passage. As the toilet has a slight slope, a user can sit back in it naturally and can take a ‘squatting’ pose by lifting their feet on a foothold, under the toilet. It is a design for “all”, benefitting everyone, who are suffering from constipation, through correction of posture.