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TP-Link Quarter Camera

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Dan Harden - President / CEO and Principal Designer
Design Type: Wearable Digital Video Camera
Company / Organization / School: Whipsaw, Inc
Team Members: Brian Leach, Mark Hearn, Hiro Teranishi, Dan Harden

The TP-Link Quarter Camera is a wearable digital video camera, the size of a quarter. It is operated through a mobile charging base that features an interactive display and memory card slot. The cylindrical camera comes with a built-in magnet so it can easily attach to anything metal by itself, or quickly pop in and out of several attachments designed for any user need: a suction cup to attach to fixed objects; a magnetic system to attach to thicker materials like a backpack strap; and a spring steel clip to attach to your clothing or other soft materials. To prevent sideways or upside down images, the top of the camera features a glossy, highlighted material to make sure the circular camera is attached in the correct orientation. The Quarter Camera is made of lightweight aluminum that is compact and gold anodized. It resembles a piece of sophisticated high-tech jewelry; small enough to fit into active lifestyles while elevating the current action camera market through material elegance.