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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Digital
Designer: John Edson - President
Design Type: App
Company / Organization / School: LUNAR
Team Members: John Edson, Roman Gebhard & Jan König

Onetime is a world clock that integrates all time zones into one easy-to-read dial. Inspired by the Earth’s rotation, Onetime displays the cities that matter most as you move through the day and night in a natural, clockwise direction referencing the International Date Line. With Onetime, there’s no more adding and subtracting hours, no more confusing GMT numbers, and no more remembering daylight savings calendars in order to schedule an international meeting. The premise is simple: pick the cities that need to be on a conference call, use the Timetravel™ feature to move your finger around the sun dial, and find a time when all parties can join a meeting. You can even send a quick email from Onetime with the selected meeting time slot.