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Gather VR Grocery


Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: Afshin Mehin - WOKEstudios
Design Type: Service Design for the Aging
Company / Organization / School: WOKEstudios
Team Members: Afshin Mehin, Scott Forsythe, Jason Miller, Zach Yamaoka, Trista Capitano & Alex Honeywell

Gather's VR experience and delivery service is aimed at making grocery shopping more accessible and pleasurable to the elderly and individuals with reduced mobility. We learned that, due to factors like fear of falling, bad weather, and poor transit options, a large percentage of this population is malnourished due to lack of access to healthy foods. Through the Gather VR experience and delivery service an individual can shop in a relaxing and beautiful environment and then have their order arrive in their home. Gather also improves the grocery shopping experience for anyone with clever features - finding products by voice, selecting ripeness and size of produce, visiting the farm where the product came from, predictive shopping lists, connection to diet-tracking apps, personalized store layouts, and a potentially infinite selection delivered right to your door.