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Woodward Tradeshow Display


Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Rob Brady - CEO / Design Director
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: ROBRADY design
Team Members: Matthew Vergin Jason Viera

The Woodward tradeshow display is a large, stylized representation of an engaging, yet universal, engine shape. Big, bold, rounded lines combined with strong industrial ones quickly and vividly express Woodward’s persona. Multiple surfaces and presentation points accommodate and showcase Woodward’s extensive and varied product line. The outer surface is a lightweight coated urethane braced by a rigid internal structure that provides durable support while keeping the display easily transportable to various locations. As tall as a fully-grown adult, the display strikes an impressive presence. The shimmering silver and red color scheme instantly catches the eye to draw onlookers in while the simplified interface makes the featured engine products quick to understand and relate to - accelerating the opportunity to sell more products.