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Heidelberg Engineering Exhibit

Winner - Spark!

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Mr. Mitchell Mauk - Principal
Design Type: Exhibit

Heidelberg Engineering Exhibit American Neurological Association Convention 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana - Heidelberg Engineering manufactures ophthalmoscopes to track the development of Multiple Sclerosis on the human retina. - Challenge: Separate Heidelberg Engineering from other pharmaceutical based exhibits. - Solutions: - Inspired by retinal images taken by the Heidelberg’s products, we enlarged, animated and projected these on floating, inflatable lenses. - MS is tracked by observing features on the human retina. Moving images of retinal tracks and moving eyes were projected onto eight floating lenses. - Glowing frosted plexiglass fences provided a quiet area around the product demonstrations. - The dramatic black walls, floor and ceiling of the exhibit drew attention to the colorful projections while also keeping the space dark enough for projecting. - The amount of standard fabrication in this exhibit is minimal. - Large lenses with projected images attracted attention from across the hall. - Lenses are constructed with an extruded aluminum frame that holds three layers of materials; vinyl, rear projection material, and another layer of vinyl. Overall the volume of the exhibit was a fraction of most conventional similar-sized exhibits. - The projection lenses are the first of their kind, which posed a challenge when it came to construction and fabrication on-site. - The actual size of this exhibit was 30’ x 30’.